Hello everyone, 8bitdo Pro 2 and dualsense controllers do not connect via bluethoot, cable connection works very well. clean install
Releases · EmuELEC/EmuELEC · GitHub . HiFi works perfectly. Tv box x96 max ultra S905X4. Can anyone help…

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you say wifi works perfectly? internal wifi? witch dtb.img?

Yes, tv box wifi works perfectly with emuelec 4.6.
dtb.img used was sc2_s905x4_4g.dtb, any other dtb.img emuelec does not start or freezes.When I load android system from tv box, Bluetooth works.

Well, that’s strange because my X96 Max + Ultra has no wifi under emuelec (only works using external wifi adapter) with that same dtb.

Hello, we have the same device, I keep saying that the wifi on emuelec works, however I tested it more intensively and realized that it is not working well. You have to keep trying until it works, you need luck, yes it is strange!

Thank’s for reply. I can’t help in your difficulty at the moment since i have no bluetooth controller but one thing i Could check is that bluetooth can’t even find my phone so probably we Will have to wait for any update.

Hint: in flycastsa, remove autodetection in audio options and pick sdl2:)