Hello everyone, 8bitdo Pro 2 and dualsense controllers do not connect via bluethoot, cable connection works very well. clean install
Releases · EmuELEC/EmuELEC · GitHub . HiFi works perfectly. Tv box x96 max ultra S905X4. Can anyone help…

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you say wifi works perfectly? internal wifi? witch dtb.img?

Yes, tv box wifi works perfectly with emuelec 4.6.
dtb.img used was sc2_s905x4_4g.dtb, any other dtb.img emuelec does not start or freezes.When I load android system from tv box, Bluetooth works.

Well, that’s strange because my X96 Max + Ultra has no wifi under emuelec (only works using external wifi adapter) with that same dtb.

Hello, we have the same device, I keep saying that the wifi on emuelec works, however I tested it more intensively and realized that it is not working well. You have to keep trying until it works, you need luck, yes it is strange!

Thank’s for reply. I can’t help in your difficulty at the moment since i have no bluetooth controller but one thing i Could check is that bluetooth can’t even find my phone so probably we Will have to wait for any update.

Hint: in flycastsa, remove autodetection in audio options and pick sdl2:)

Je confirme j’ai la même box que vous effectivement ni le Bluetooth ni le Wi-Fi fonctionne même en redémarrent comme cela et dit on ne voit pas de différence et pourtant depuis le mois de décembre je l’ai installé sur ma box dieu c’est que des redémarrages j’en et effectuer
alors que faire une autre solution?

Je croix qu’il faut attendre une nouvelle mise-à-jour.