Magicsee n5 max - no wifi in emuelec

wifi works fine in android. this is a s905x3 4gb box and it is listed on the dtb list here CoreELEC - Device Trees

any ideas? when i enable wifi within emuelec it doesn’t see any networks at all and manually entering the name and password still wont connect.


You may have a cloned device …

SPECIAL NOTE: Recently the market has been flooded with cloned/generic TV boxes that use known names like X88, H96, X96, S96, T95, with sub-models like king/Mini/Pro/Max/Max+/Pro+. These devices use many different internals, your device will most likely boot to EmuELEC but some of them are not even using Amlogic SOC and some of them are not compatible with EmuELEC at all. If your device does boot into EmuELEC, note that you will most likely run into some problems, from WiFi/Ethernet not working, to the device not booting at all, so buyer beware.

I think that box is not a clone, but the wifi chip is, so it might not work with the original drivers according to a Coreelec forum wifi / 6459/15. try CoreELEC, if it works there it should also in EmuELEC.

yeah that is what i was afraid of. the only reason I need wifi is for scrapping all the cover art and change the theme. if ethernet was at least working I wouldn’t care. It shows the IP address but always says not connected. I also tried 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, etc. I am hoping someone that has this same box chimes in. Thanks for the tips guys!

I understand, ethernet should work, you may not be using the correct .DTB or your tvbox specs are false or not correct (ethernet 100 instead of 1 Gbit). who knows.In these cases, the use of an external wifi adapter is a good option. In the EmuELEC discord at least one user reported similar problems with Magnisee N5 recently on the #Amlogic Tech Support channel. You may want to visit it. Cheers

S905x3 is SOC only, not including WiFi chip. So, even though CoreELEC support S905x3 SOC device, it does not mean that driver for a specific WiFi chip is included or properly implemented.
You can install CoreELEC and post a diagnostic log in CoreELEC forum. The CoreELEC team is collecting non working WiFi&BT info. If you are lucky, CoreELEC may find and implement the proper driver for your device in its future release.

You can always use a USB wifi adapter. This is what i’ve do to my X96max+ with wifi problems.
Not all adapters work, the chipset must be supported by EmuElec.