Flashed Emuelec 4.1 on T95 Max Plus Amlogic box and it will not work

I recently bought this box and followed all the instructions on setting up the SD card with Emuelec 4.1. I formatted the sd card with the “EmuELEC-Amlogic-ng.aarch64-4.1-Generic.img.gz” version and copied the sm1_s905x3_4g device tree into the correct folder and renamed it dtb.img. However, when I boot up the box nothing happens. I double checked the chipset (using an app) and what comes up is sm1_ac213_4g ( and not the sm1_s905x3_4g). I even changed the format of the sd card to fat32 and repeated the process and still nothing… Please help!

You posted on Github, but you still have not mentioned what instructions you followed.

did you follow the how to install wiki?
Did you press the reset button ?

So I followed the Emuelec installation guide on androidpctv.com and ETA Prime’s video where he uses the same exact box. I also used some of the info found in the emuelec github page. This particular tv box boots automatically to the SD card when its turned on, but I also tried libreelec and it also didn’t work. I figured I would double check the chipset using an app, and it came up as sm1_ac213_4g…

So when you say “It doesnt work” you mean its not booting at all?

First thing to bear in mind, just because you saw a “t95 max” on a youtube video does not mean its “the exact same box”. Unfortunately all these chinese boxes with random alphanumeric names are generic and very often have different components.

To boot from SD is not usually automatic on any boxes. Not sure where you got that information, (Android PC TV tutorials for emuelec are mostly wrong and ETA Prime is pretty often wrong as well)

THe usual two methods are

  1. toothpick method - unplugging the power cable, and then holding down the reset button with a toothpick while plugging the power back in. Reset buttons are hidden either underneath or often inside the av socket

  2. use the reboot to libreelec app in android which will usually perform a reboot from sd on the box. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.thomastv.rebootupdate&hl=en_GB

but “doesnt work” is very vague…

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I meant “doesn’t work” as in after it reboots it just goes back to the regular android interface. I got this device because its supposed to work with emuelec as its an s905x3…

I guess my question is, after verifying that the chipset is sm1_ac213_4g, does that mean emuelec won’t work on this device?

if it just boots into android it means you are not using the reset button. Read the how to install page on the WiKi, the ETA tutorial is wrong. Dim already gave you alternatives to the reset button, but its a step you cannot omit.

I was fighting with success with this box :):slight_smile: reset button is not working for this device
to confirm we are talking abot this

is no rooted

you have to flash first other IMG
russian instructions and files

Magisk + SuperSU T95 MAX X3 Stok Firmware Not Key Android 9 BOX Android BOX Amlogic S905X3


Ah yes, its one of the boxes where the recent firmware (post October 2020) has a locked bootloader and you have to revert to an older firmware or use the modded firmware

This is a great example of why a) ETA Prime and other youtubers are very often useless, and b) why “exact the same box” when it involves generic h85, x96, s88 etc etc is a very hit and miss statement :frowning:


Yes that did the trick! Thank you so much for the help!
@gregmol you really came thru!

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Hi there,

I know this is an old thread but how do I downgrade the firmware??