X96 Max+ 2, no Wi-Fi

Hi I installed EmuElec 4.2 on an “X96 Max + 2” box It works but I don’t have Wi-Fi. I opened the case and the wifi chip is an “Fn-link 6222B-SRB”. This is 4GB of RAM and 64GB. And 1 Gbit ethernet (RTL 8211F chip). What i can do ? Thank you.

Searching the Internet, I found Fn-link 6222B-SRB is based on RTL8822BS. I think RTL8822BS driver is already included in the latest EmuELEC release. I guess maybe you are using a wrong DTB file to boot.
So, try every DTB file with sm1_s905x3 initial. Maybe there is one for your device.
If you can, paste a log for the developer to diagnose, but it’s beyond my knowledge.
BTW, you can try CoreELEC first. If wifi works on CoreELEC, it should be supported in EmuELEC.

Hi. I tested with CoreELEC and it is the same as with EmuElec. no wifi option, just through the RJ-45 network. I also tried (on CoreElec) the 4 different DTBs and no positive results.

CoreELEC team is collecting “users with no working WiFi or BT”. Find that post in CoreELEC forum and paste log there.

BTW, in CoreELEC forum, I have read some post of X96 Max+ 2 user, and CoreELEC team said “I think your hardware is not supported by current 4.9 kernel. So support is not possible”. FYI.

Got this from EmuElec Github:

Please do a search for x96 on this issues, there is no fix for your chiptset, use a usb dongle, or ethernet.

SPECIAL NOTE: Recently the market has been flooded with cloned/generic TV boxes that use known names like X88, H96, X96, S96, T95, with sub-models like king/Mini/Pro/Max/Max+/Pro+. These devices use many different internals, your device will most likely boot to EmuELEC but some of them are not even using Amlogic SOC and some of them are not compatible with EmuELEC at all. If your device does boot into EmuELEC, note that you will most likely run into some problems, from WiFi/Ethernet not working, to the device not booting at all, so buyer beware.

I’m using a USB Wifi dongle. This work for me.
Maybe on futures kermel this work…