New tvbox X96 X4 Amlogic S905X4 is there a *.dtb file for it?

I bought a new tvbox [X96 X4 Amlogic S905X4 Android 11 AV1 Video TV Box] is there a *.dtb file that i can use to install emuelec on it?

thanks Paul

Good Evening.
For now, the only version that has s905x4 support is the EmuELEC 4.6 test. But we haven’t checked if it works well on this chipset as none of the team have s905x4.


on release 4.6 test works!!!
Will install games tomorrrow

thx Paul

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Glad it worked! Please advise whether Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks worked.

If the ethernet works then congratulations, but if it doesn’t and is a JL2101 then it probably never will…

I spent just a few hours to get JL2101 to work on my S905X3 box and submitted that to upsteam CoreELEC, but days passed and I still can’t get it work on any S005X4 box, main reason being I don’t even have a S905X4 box with JL2101 PHY to develop with…


Wi-FI is working well…

Had some trouble with the controller mapping but after 3 times it was ok


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