Hello, I'm from China

Hello Sir, I come from China. I liked Emuelce very much when I first saw it on the computer, but I didn’t find the DTB of my TV set-top box when I saw it in China. The model is GX1X2_P291_2G. This made me very frustrated, so I searched online for half a month, and finally found the developer of Emuelce. I sincerely ask you whether you will develop related DTB in the future. I hope you can answer me, thank you very much!

I am no developer, but I know that developers can’t develop anything without knowing the hardware specs.
You should at least provide some hardware info before asking for developing for the device.

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Device name M304ACMIOT39_GD50
The version number 4.4.2
CPU ARMv71 Processor REV 4(ARMv71)1.9 GHZ Quad-coreProcesso AmlogicS905L
Three running memory 1.93G
Storage space 11.04 GB - Internal SD card 10.94 GB
Eight nuclear Mal - 450 mp
Kernel version 3.14.29
TuJn 151651314890join730-002
The version number
KOT49H.20210615 teskeys
Is this information ok? Thank you very much for your answer

This seems to be due to the new TV set-top box this year, so the related DTB can not be found

The box is new, but the spec is old and low.
IMHO, there is no hope to run newest EmuELEC for now and afterwards. Try EmuELEC 3.9. It’s the only chance.

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Ok, I see. Thank you for your answer

I have another question. I have tried several versions of Emuelce, but they all failed to start because there was no relevant DTB. I think you are more professional, so do you have any recommended DTB

afaik there is no support for that box. you can ask in the Coreelec forums, if there is a compatible dtb there it will work in Emuelec, you can try with p281 dtbs (s905w) as close to p282 (s905L). but unprovable
if you try: remember to change the name to dtb.img in the root of your card

Well, thank you very much for answering my questions, Sir


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At the very least, an upgrade to the bootloader from a working Android 7.1 or better for any EmuELEC ng version 4 or greater, (where IIRC, the ng kernel was first used) is a must. This almost certainly involves installing a 3rd party Android like ATVxperience or Aidans Rom. It’s a process…

EE 3.9 would be the easiest option as no bootloader fiasco is necessary. Just some soul crushing trial and error trying that release’s DTBs.

Some light reading on the subject of upgrading the bootloader as it’s pertained to the CE ng kernel on chipsets of that era can be found here:


I don’t recall anyone with an S905L having mentioning attempting this either, but who knows.

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There is some report in the discord that users with s905L with dtb p282 are able to start their boxes with variants p281 used in soc s905w. A shot in the air knowing the different components used by each manufacturer. I did not find any compatible dtb for p291 on the Coreelec forums

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There’s also this thread, an ongoing thrill ride for another user with an s905L variant trying to coax the ng kernel to boot on their device. If anything comes of this it may eventually benefit the OP of this thread too.


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Ok, I see. I will try your method. Thank you for your advice, Sir

Yes, because this is the TV set top box customized by our domestic operator, so it is difficult to find the relevant DTB abroad

This TV set-top box is quite common in China, but few outside China, because it is customized by domestic operators


你可以参考gxlx2_p291_1g 提取dtb方式去试试,或者你找个gxlx2_p291_1g的dtb试试看,祝你好运!

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Only English, please

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