will I fire emuelec on these boxes: ??

Hello, I have 2 boxes with an android loaded:

the first is: TVIP 605 Amlogic S905X processor (quad core)

Second: GT COMBO Amlogic S905X3

Will the decoders start emuelec ??

which image do I have to upload to the sd card please help?

Good evening, first of all I recommend you read the wiki guide, as it will guide you and possibly solve your problem: How to Install · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub

Also below, I leave you briefly the data you request.
EmuELEC Version:

  • EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-x.x.x-generic.img.gz is for S905 (and variants, S905x, S905y, S905w, etc)
  • EmuELEC-Amlogic-ng.aarch64-x.x.x-generic.img.gz is for S905x2,S905x3,S922x/A311D (notice the ng in the name)


  • Amlogic S905X = p212
  • Amlogic S905X3 = sm1_s905x3
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hey, I have an android box: TVIP 605 Chipset: Amlogic S905X quad core 1.5 GHz
which file should I upload to the sd card ???


tn which file from the device_trees folder ??? dbt?

I have just managed to get EE4.6 amlogic-ng-generic working on a s905w

@JoeyNRG s905w on EE 4.6 have a display bug when setting resolutions other than 1080p. Use this setres.sh file in /emuele/bin and give it exec permissions and you will have better display support.

So in ssh do one line at a time:

cd /emuelec/bin
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/173b61cfeef6f8ca085f04b9226e41f38d633cab/packages/sx05re/emuelec/bin/setres.sh
chmod +x /emuelec/bin/setres.sh


@Langerz82 cheers for that, I will have a look. I’ve noticed a few other bugs that was frustrating but I didn’t really keep a note of everything as I needed this device to work for a project I was building for a friend. I will however next week be loading another s905w so will use your fix and keep a track of issues.

For the time being I’ve had to go back to 4.3 just because of installtointernal being the only working option to get the installation to work.