Help with a new s905 box

Hi there,

I think it’s the time to purchase a new device , I am still on S905 the very old one which is no longer supported by EmuElec new versions .

I would like to upgrade but I am not sure which one is the latest or which one is the most powerful ether which one is the most recommended to work best with EmuElec .

( please don’t recommend any EmuElec preinstalled boxes )

Please can you advise me?

Thank for any suggestion.

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Support for S905 no suffix/S905-H is back and will be in 4.6, you can already use the test release:

(Use the same dtb, choose the Amlogic-old generic image)

If you want to purchase new device for EmuELEC though, I really dont recommend any GXL (S905X/L/D/W(-H)) devices, as it is the oldest SoC supported in Amlogic-ng image and most of them have outdated specs. Most of them have 1G RAM which is severely insufficient for newer EE versions, and those 4 A53 cores, mostly with low frequencies, alreally can’t keep up with newer emulators. Amlogic themselves also dropped support for GXL.

Really, if you want anything for EmuELEC now, you better start with S922X (go high) or S905X2/3/4 (go low), many of the S905X3 boxes are cheap to get and I won’t recommend a specific model. But if you’re willing to get SBCs they are usually built with higher quality than setup boxes (also more expensive). For future-proof, get a box/SBC with 4G RAM should be a good idea

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Thanks for your recommendation @7Ji ,

I took a look at the SBCs and as you said they are very powerfull but too expensive for me .
S905X2/3/4 boxes has a lower and acceptable price for my budget . I think i will go for the S905x4 however i am not sure why S905x3 and S905x4 has almost the same price what is special with S905x3 that still have the same price as S905x4 wich is newer i gusse. :thinking:

x4 has AV1 hw decode which is good if you’re gonna use it as a media box and needs that codec to go fast. And that AV1 hw decode comes with a price: the support of S905X4 is bare minimum in open source firmwares due to tons of new proprietary stuffs added by Amlogic (I really hate the tendency to hide everything out just so you could seem “better” for a longer time). You can count all FWs that support it in one hand: CoreELEC and inherently EmuELEC, and that is even only added a couple of months ago

So basically you get only additional decoding capability for a niche codec that few uses (I use AV1 to create previews for my a few TBs of videos so it’s a nice bonus to me), but WAY less freedom in the FW: no custom Android ROM, no Armbian, no OpenWrt, no … There was strictly 0 FWs to use a couple of months ago.

It also breaks some things in CE and EE: it’s nearly impossible to install to internal storage on X4 due to those proprietary changes.

And guess what, even though X4 brings this much headache compared to X3, they’re pin-to-pin compatible. That means manufacturers can just re-purpose their old X3 design and swap the SoC and call it a day – which means not only the SoC itself only adds AV1 decode, the box also adds nothing on I/O, power, network, etc since it uses the EXACT same board as x3. What’s even funnier is that the x3 box I bought a couple of months ago has a board that’s printed x4, so they even swapped backwards…


Nice information to know .
Right now i think x3 is the one i need , because i need it only to upgrade to the latest EE .
and what i understand that there is no difference between the two regarding the performance on the emulation and cores .
am i right ??

Yes, there should be mininum difference

Great , thanks for your help .

I really appreciate all the help :+1: :+1: :+1:

I just wish Mupen64Plus Next would run well on a S905X3. You have to use the 32bit version for it to run smoothly.

Have you tried fiddling with the Core Options in Retroarch to make it run better? You can get to it via RA’s quick menu.

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Playing around with the options given in the Quick Menu, changing speed to FullSpeed, lowering the resolution and sometimes using the Parallel core are some good options to make N64 run smoother.