Emuelec V4.4 S905x

I have a couple of 2G X96 boxes (original with S905x) and they don’t seem to work properly with the Amlogic-ng builds needed for V4.4. They start to boot from SD and usually manage to resize the partitions and reboot but then start showing exceptions and kernel panics. If I just walk away and wait for them to finish booting I end up with a black screen.

If I restart them by unplugging I see the Emuelec boot screen but then it changes to black.

I’m not sure how I can collect any logs. I don’t see anything of interest on the SD card.

FYI, the same X96 boxes work fine with the latest Amlogic-ng builds of CoreElec and they also work with the non-ng V4.3 build. I even had the Amlogic-ng V4.3 build working at one point but with no sound in games. Even it that case, I saw some exceptions scroll down the screen on the first boot after resizing the partition.

I saw a post somewhere that the S905x IS supported by 4.4 but I can’t seem to find that now.

The language of the 4.4 release and some other past releases seems conflicting. Previous releases seem to say that the s905x is a variant of the s905 and thus you must download the non ng (next generation) distributions. I was operating on 4.0 on an S905X device but for the life of me I cannot remember if I had the ng release or not during 4.0. My device is the QFX ABX-12 which is a 1gb Amlogic S905X device. I believe that I had the 4.0 non ng release previously installed - I say that because when I tried to perform an upgrade from 4.0 to 4.4, I got an error from the 4.4 upgrade process in relation to the incompatible processor.
However, unlike the OP, I successfully performed a clean install of 4.4ng release on my device seemingly without any errors. BUT even with the clean install of 4.4 (ng generic release) none of the N64 emulators would work (possibly related to audio problems or other).

Right now I regressed to a 4.2 generic non ng (not next generation) clean install. My N64 emulation seems proper now with fewer issues. And so I am inclined to say that the S905X is in fact NOT ng (next generation) and qualifies as an S905 variant and so is no longer supported in 4.4 but I don’t have a concrete reason to make that claim outside of what I’ve stated above.

Perhaps a dev can clarify. Is S905X (my info screen says S905X rev d) in fact considered ng and thus intended to be supported by 4.4 or is it only an S905 variant (or non ng) and thus officially deserted after 4.3?

Also, as the OP stated he had issues with ng 4.3 as did I. But I think I had issues with 4.3 non ng as well but I digress.

I found this…:
Android devices - Unsupported Devices - EmuELEC

And here: Quel fichier choisir pour un MXQ pro 4K S905 X1 - General / How-to - EmuELEC

SamWilson says that S905X is supported by 4.4

As of EmuELEC 4.4, the s905x are compatible with NG.

Thank you SamWilson.

I have installed the latest 4.5 ng on my S905X system. Navigation is working fine but I have ran into some emulation issues. I will start another thread.