Doubtful with my S912 device

Hello everyone. I’m new here and I wanted to ask something
I have a Sammix R92 with Amlogic S912 CPU and I installed Emuelec 3.9. I have some weird problems but It works fine after all but my question is
Everytime I try to install Emuelec 4.2 It detects it and I can see the emuelec screen loading a lot of white words but It get stuck randomly sometimes. According to something I read It’s because Emuelec 4.2 is only for 64 bits devices and as I can see my device is 64 bits. What can I do?

AFAIK, the latest EmuELEC running on S912 is v3.9.


Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for the answer. So I’ll buy a S905x3 tv box or something. I’ll download the 4.2 version for it but I don’t know If I should download Generic-NG or just Generic. I’ll take a look

Good afternoon, the version for S905x3 is the generic-ng.

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