Android devices 2021

Hi Does the chip s905x support emuelec 4.0 or 4.1 or 4.2

I need to know

Yes,S905x has support compatible with Emuelec Amlogic (No Ng) 4.0/1/2 generic image. But not recommended for 1gb ram devices, 4.x with 64bit architecture demand more resources than the 3.x versions

Oh man that suck so I stuck with 3,9 then

Not necessarily. The gaming performance is good but the system can be affected by filling the ram quickly, this depends on the amount of games / metadata you install (+ games = + memory); and maybe use a lighter theme than crystal. You must first try

Well it got 50,000 game it that fine

That amount of games I don’t think is manageable using 4.x with only 1 gb ram, the memory will fill up fast and at some point the system will crash. I may not have this problem with a few hundred, but I don’t know where the limit is.

Oh ok then I just stuck with 3.9 then

Understand. Note that 4.0 onwards includes improvements and updates, I mean you can try it anyway. I have s905x 1gb ram using 2 images: 3.7 with thousands of games (external hdd) and 4.2 with a favorite collection of approx 300 games :slight_smile:

Ok thank u for all that answers what is the safe way to update cause from emuelec update say corrupt update so how is the right way to update

There are several ways to update that are explained in the Emuelec wiki, but I think the best thing is that you keep that 3.9 image as is and try a new 4.2 image on another sd

Will flash drive with 8gb ram work

depends on the device, some accept to boot images on usb pendrive and some do not

It Microsoft xbox360 8 gb flash drive

depends on the tvbox, it can work, but always better use the fastest MicroSD you can get