Quel fichier choisir pour un MXQ pro 4K S905 X1

Bonjour, merci de me dire si le 4.4 est compatible avec mon S905X1 et si oui quel fichier choisir.

Good morning,
“S905X” is compatible with Emuelec 4.4.

P.D: Please speak in English or use translator.

Ok, which file must i choose ?

You have to select “EmuELEC-Amlogic-ng.aarch64-.-Generic.img.gz”

Zaxis210, can you confirm proper operation of EmuELEC-Amlogic-ng.aarch64- . -Generic.img.gz on S905X?

I can confirm the 4.5 has installed on my S905X system. Working out some other bugs though.

Bonjour, je n’arrive pas a faire booter ma box au demarrage

Hello, Zaxis210. I had to translate your question.

Some systems require you to press a bootloader button in order to boot from an sdcard or usb stick. My system does not have such a button (at least I couldn’t find one). I installed an android app called Reboot to libreelec and that app was able to allow the system to boot from the sdcard. Some of the TV boxes have that bootloader/recovery button down inside a headphone jack.
Some instructions can be seen here regarding this: TUTORIAL: EmuELEC turns your Android TV-Box into a retro console | AndroidPCtv

Additionally please make sure that you found the appropriate dtb file inside the device_trees folder - for my S905X device I used the ‘gxl_p212_1g.dtb’ then copy it to the root directory and rename it to dtb.img

If you forgot to do the above then the system will not start (that’s my experience anyhow).

After the first time booting into Emuelec, each time after that my tv box goes straight into Emuelec if the sdcard is inserted.