Best Box for 50 to 60 bucks?

Hello, all I am a 100% newbie and do not know what is the best option for this build. I am looking at a couple of options. Do you have a better suggestion? I am looking to get as much power as possible to help run more powerful systems down the line

  1. Option 1

  2. Option 2

I am open to any suggestions thank you in advance for any help and taking the time to read a post of a useless NewBie

none of those. 1.Rockchip,2 Allwinner.

EmuELEC is compatible with Amlogic devices and Odroid Go & Gameforce Chi handhelds only.

Thank you for that info y I am sure you just saved me hours of futzing around trying to make it all work!

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best compatible device options are:
1.Odroid N2+

2 .Beelink Gt King/pro

3 .other Amlogic S922x devices

4 .Amlogic S905x3 devices (read cheap device warnings)

Nice just what I needed thank you very much!

Is this considered a bad choice/cheap device?


This device in the link is Soc Allwinner (that is, it DOES NOT WORK because it is not Amlogic) please read carefully the post that I shared before

I just saw that stupid chip was wrong I was searching for Amlogic S922x and that is what AMX offered up

I am just learning about these SOC and the different types I think I have found a good box however it will not let me post a link as I was a bad boy?

Android 11.0 TV Box,TX3 Mini Plus Amlogic S905W2 Quad Core RAM 4GB ROM 32GB Dual WiFi 2.4G/5.8G BT4.2 4K 6K AV1 Home Smart Media Player Android 11.0 TV Box Tanix Set-top Box

Sorry for being a pest I will learn all this. Think that device matched up with this from the official DTB list Tanix TX3 Mini 2G/16G S905W gxl_p281_2g however the device m looking at is a TX3 Mini Pus

do not recommend it for 2 reasons:

  1. s905w is the weakest Amlogic soc, worse than others in the same price range, like S905x2 or S905x3 (better performance and efficiency)

  2. Tanix tx3 mini is one of the boxes with the most fake copies on the market, difficult to distinguish without seeing it physically. motherboard blue=true. red motherboard=false

In short, very risky. At EmuELEC we only guarantee 100% operation on Odroid and Beelink devices. the rest “should work” but the risk of getting a fake box is real and we deal with users with this problem very frequently

Thank you for that info it has me rethinking the option I think for about 60 bucks this is a winner thoughts?

[Sofobod HK1 Box Smart TV Box Android 9.0, 4GB RAM 32GB ROM, S905X3 Quad Core 64bit Cortex-A55, GPU G31 MP2, 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi BT4.0 H.265 Decoding LAN 1000 RJ-45, HD 8K:HK1BOX 4+32]

With this box what ver of Emuelec would I install?

It is possible, yes.
in short…if the recommended devices are out of your sights you should look for a device not inferior to Amlogic S905x3 with 4gb ram, the most efficient in that price range BUT… also keep in mind what was said in (about cheap devices) wiki post

seems a valid device but be careful and before buying make sure you have the possibility of a return

Indeed I did it can be returned gotta love that about Amazon. Let me ask with this device what ver of Emuelec should I install?

It will be here next Thursday!

latest stable EmuELEC release 4.3

Are there any difference performance with S905x3 2GB or 4GB?
Because I have the 2GB version.

with more ram better fluidity/system performance in general but it shouldn’t affect gaming