Controller question DIY coding

So I really appreciate EmuELEC. Being able to play all these amazing consoles all in one is an absolute dream and I cannot imagine ever having graduated elementary if this would have existed in the 80’s. Thank you sir, you made my dreams come true.
If you ever see a donation from a person called Muse, that’s me.

So that aside, could anyone direct me or instruct me on how to find the way to enter my controller into the EmuELEC software? My Bluetooth is not working . May be a cloned box or a cloned BT module? I have the MAGICSEE N5 MAX 4GB box and from my testing I had to use CoreElec to boot into the device but now I’m wondering if that’s why the BT doesn’t work for game controllers. It does work on the Android side just fine

I also want to add that it’s a fake PS4 controller with Bluetooth while I know PS4 only works tethered, I thought this one would work since it works on everything else. Mac, iPad Windows etc.

. I was thinking of tinkering a bit with the code but I’m not sure where the files are. Sure, I could spend hours looking, but Im ADHD and mid way I will probably forget and it will take me 3 days so this is way easier. Any help is graciously appreciated.

Not sure if this helps anyone figure this out but this is the controller.

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First, identify your WiFi & BT module in the box. “Device Info HW” for Android can provide detail hardware spec of your box. Or you can open the case and identify the IC chip model.

Second, SSH into EmuELEC and make a log for the developer to diagnose. More instructions can be found on EmuELEC Wiki.

Even the same TV boxes of a identical model may have different components in different production batches. Some components are too new to be supported in Linux. It depends on your luck.

This is exactly what I needed. You are the best!
Thank you! My adhd brain also thanks you :stuck_out_tongue:

So not even Wifi works on the EmuELEC side. I’m bored of trying to work it out with this stupid box. I’m returning it and getting something else.

I’m 99% sure it’s cloned. When I have more light I will post photos so that others can be aware. I bought it from a store called Celibate on Amazon. It says the right chip on the cpu but it said a different number somewhere (I forget where I saw it maybe a rev num?) but I remember thinking that was weird. I didn’t bother thinking too much about it because I was just trying to get it to boot up at that moment. But this box has been nothing but a hassle.
When I get the new box It will hopefully all work.

Check the support list of CoreELEC and EmuELEC. Choose boxes with brand name on the list. That’s the better way to save you from struggling.
IMHO, WiFi & BT is not so important for EmuELEC. Considering the responsiveness and reliability, I prefer Ethernet over cable and USB connection. WiFi & BT are only optional, not necessary.

You have a point but there’s no way for me to connect ethernet from where I am. I’m about 2 rooms away from the device. I get wifi just fine though. and the usb wireless if the dongle gets lost for whatever reason you are screwed. So you make some fine points but they are not convenient for my situation or my brother’s. We both have kids. The small USB will get lost in a week.
I speak from experience.
As for sticking to the list, I did! That’s how I got the MagicSee N5 Max but unfortunately with the amount of clones out on Amazon and AliBaba it’s impossible to know who is the real deal.