X96 mini (S900W rev e) no Scrap & FTP write permission no more

Hello guys, I’m very new to Emuelec & the x96 mini.

I recently purchased what was available in my local market, the x96 Mini 2G 16GB. I’ve been playing with it the whole weekend doing random tests and trials.

First of all, i was only able to boot Emuelc with gxl_p281_1g.dtb & gxl_p281_1g_a95xr2.dtb; i would have thought my device would be the 2G version, but trying those it just freezes. So I went ahead and installed Emuelec 4.5 w gxl_p281_1g.dtb

Everything was working properly, but now suddenly I can no longer write files through FTP, i’ve also noticed that the new Scraped data is not being loaded while I can still use my Roms.

For the record, note that I was able to use the Scrap and write within FTP without problem, but after some Scrap i’ve noticed none of the both actions work no more, i also noticed Shutting down / Restart options freeze the device after trying a random Rom, this is very annoying and catchy behavior that i really don’t know how to fix, been searching for information the whole weekend without luck, hopefully some experienced users could give me hand with this, any help is really appreciated.

Best regards

Good afternoon,
About the ram, possibly the tvbox has faked the ram and it only has 1GB. Instead of 2GB as promised. This has already been seen on various devices.

About the other problem, try to try another SD card with better quality. If it continues to persist, it may be due to the quality of the tvbox components.

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Hi Sam.
Yeah I think that was actually the problem, fake box. Returned it and changed for a S905x3, so far we good. Thanks for the reply mate, appreciate it.
Best regards

i have the same tv box and ive done everything that you mentioned. Ive booted the x93mini with gxl_p281_1g.

emuelec boots up but freezes on the loading screen and i do not understand how to get past this. any suggestions?

Did you try the 2G img? You seem to be trying with the 1G img, which worked in my box.

Also you can try with different SD cards.

My box ended up to be a fake ram one (they tweak the firmware somehow to show 2GB ram, when it’s actually 1GB). That’s my hypothesis based on some information and tests. If you want to check this try z-cpu or aida64 from the google store in your box. If you have less than 0.5GB free memory you probably got scammed like me. If you happen to have greater than 1.2GB of available memory you might be 2G version. You can also check this by opening the box and take a look.

Bottom line I ended up returning that box and purchased S905x3 4GB ram w Bluetooth and I’m not regretting (almost same price) , I’m still playing with it but I can tell works better than the x96 mini and clones.

Hope it helps!