Installation Issue TX3 Mini

Hello and thanks ahead of time.

I’ve been trying to install Emuelec on a TX3 Mini-A. (16gb 2gb S905w)

I’ve installed the proper operating system and correct dtb file (and tried others), but after booting with the reset key pressed with a pin it boots to emuelec once twice runs through some text boxes gets to [OK] reached target basic system goes to starting D-Bus system… login services…unbind…pulseaudio (none of these say okay) then goes to a black screen.

Any ideas?

Just an update I tried to install and use reboottolibrelec to see if that was the issue but my tx3 reads boot on the front panel and won’t go anywhere

Just took of the heat sink on the processor and saw that is actually the Amlogic S912. I’m hoping this is my issue any advice looking at the pictures on which files i should run?

s912 is no longer supported, you can try older versions 3.9 and below. 4.x and up will not work

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Thank you I finally figured that out and have version 3.9 up and running. Seems to be pretty stable.

Is there any recommended version for that chipset ? I’ve seen a lot of 3.1 videos online.

3.9 is the way, the latest version 32 bit most current and compatible with your device. the motherboard looks like a real tanix. pity have the weakest Amlogic soc

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Yes I got it 2nd hand basically unused for 15$. I rolled the dice and lost…but for my needs of running NES Genesis SNES and possibly PS1 I’m hoping version 3.9 will be stable enough.

Any suggestion on the best way to startup/shutdown this box if it’s booting from the SD? So far I’ve been shutting down EmuElec then unplugging the box then plugging it back in whenever I want to start it up again.

EmuELEC does not include remote control drivers, if your TX3 is genuine Try downloading the remote.conf file from the link and copy it to the path: emuelec / storage / .config (accessible by shared network in Windows)

then restart the device and check if the remote control works. this should allow you to turn the device on and off completely by navigating to the turn off emuelec option