Tx3 mini not work

Hello everyone and thanks for welcoming me in your forum, I would like to tell you what happens to me with an android box tx3 mini, I put the memory card containing emuelec and everything works regularly, I bought another identical one and when I insert the memory by doing the formatting, I initially start the tx3 mini, then the writing emuelec regularly, then it gives me a screen with the two crosses in the middle of the screen (as you can see in the attached photo)

which unfortunately no longer goes away and thus freezes, I also tried to insert the memory card on the other box android and everything works smoothly, anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for your reply

well … if what you want is an exact copy of your image I suppose the best thing would be to clone.

if you want a new image check that you use the correct image and .dtb, this will be easy because it is the same one you used the first time. check your sd properly formatted. These are the 3 things to check, if everything is fine there should be no problem

Now I’m not sure if you’re talking about identical sds or identical tx3 mini (difficult, unless you bought them together from the same manufacturer, and still difficult for them to be exactly the same)

Hi Diego, thank you very much for your replay, unfortunately the problem isn’t the sd card because the dame sd on another box android tx3 mini work fine… Amy suggestion?
Thank you

Same sd… The box i’ve buy by same link but i don’t know if is the same…thank you in advance

So … the problem is that 1 of your 2 tx3 mini boxes do not work 1 of your 2 identical emuelec images. (in the other tx3 they work the 2) is it like that? .
i think that tx3 mini has different components that cause the startup to fail. first you need to check the box specs (processor, ram, ethernet 100 / 1gbit) and use the new emuelec image and .dtb file that correspond

I understand perfectly, so i try to change tx3 mini with another but where i can buy the genuine tx3 mini with amlogic processors? Other question, if i open the tx3 mini and verify the components, you can help me to create a image with the same game?
Thank you for your patience

please. read the links. later if you need I can try to help you install emuelec but you won’t get help for roms or bios
I assume you speak Spanish, in that case it would be easier to communicate if you enter the Spanish channel of the EmuELEC discord

Thank you for all unfortunately i speak italian. Now i verify the box if is the same components and after i write you. Thank you!!

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Hi Diego, I bought a new tx3 mini and unfortunately it does not work with the micro sd that works regularly on another one, then I connected both boxes to monitors, I downloaded aida64 to see any hardware differences and I took pictures, I put an x on what does not work and a green check on what works, I am attaching everything hoping that you can tell me which hardware you think may be compromising the start of emuelec.
Thank you in advance

what I see here are two boxes with different processor; a s912 (q201) and a s905w (p281), that is to say that each one must use a different dtb file to work and the s912 only supports emuelec versions 3.x, while that s905w is compatible with 3.x and 4.x.

then what do you want to do …

my recommendation: create a 3.9 image for s912 and a 4.3 for s905w each one with its .dtb file. without forgetting that you can first create a copy of your roms folder to dump it later.

Example of DTB files and platforms:

Amlogic S905 = p200/p201
Amlogic S905X = p212
Amlogic S905D = p230/231
Amlogic S905W = p281
Amlogic S912 = q200/q201 (Only in version v3.9 or lower)
Amlogic S905X3 = sm1_s905x3

hello Diego, thank you very much for the info you gave me, they were really precious, now I wonder, is it possible to change the rom of the emuelec version from 4.3 to 3.9 managing to save all the part related to the games that I have in the micro sd? Thanks in advance for an answer.

a little lost in translation, I don’t know if I understand you well.
assuming the device that works well for you is the tx3 mini s912 version ee 3.9 (latest version compatible with soc s912) and the one that does not work is the tx3 s905w because you are using the same sd without changing the correct dtb …

the rom structure is the same, if you copy your 3.9 roms folder into the 3.x or 4.x roms folder it will work.

Now if what you want is to have 2 identical boxes with the same version: you can install 3.9 in both, or clone the sd that you already have and it works to use it in the other box (of course changing the correct .dtb so that the system boots .) although to guarantee a good performance in emuelec we always recommend new clean installations and then you add the bios / roms you need.

The most important thing now is to check that each of your s912 and s905w boxes works using the correct .dtb in each case, and there are no more problems such as false ram, wifi / bt etc … they do not work or another type of incompatibility. Remember that these boxes are not reliable and it is not guaranteed that they will work, you are checking that you have 2 identical boxes and that inside they are completely different

See the link on how to install, if you don’t understand something or if you have more questions, comment here.
putting things in order:

tx3 mini amlogic s912 (q201): compatible version 3.9 and previous: https: //github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/releases/download/v3.9/EmuELEC-Amlogic.arm-3.9-Generic.img.gz
compatible .dtb file: gxm_q201_2g.dtb (assuming real 2gb ram, ethernet 100, if not working try 1gb / 1gbit variants)

tx3 mini Amlogic S905w (p281): compatible version 4.3 and earlier: https: //github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/releases/download/v4.3/EmuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-4.3-Generic.img.gz
compatible .dtb file: glx_p281_2g.dtb (assuming real 2gb ram, ethernet100, if it doesn’t work try the 1gb / 1bbit variants)

after burning the emuelec image in the sd look for your file, the .dtb files you will find in a folder called “device trees”; copy it the one you need in the root of the sd and rename it as dtb.img
then insert the sd into the box and continue with the installation procedure (hold reset before plugging in until you see the emuelec logo)

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It work perfectly

Infinite thanks