X96 mini no boot emuelec

I have an x96 mini android box.My sd card does not load emuelec. SD card burn with balenaEtcher… CPU 4x ARM cortex-a53

Some SD card won’t work. Make sure you have a uhs SD card SanDisk is a brand I know works.


I have had issues with this box in the past. They often have fake RAM. Use the p281_1g dtb rather than the 2g.

Verify for sure that soc Amlogic has your device, if it is compatible and the correct dtb; if it continues to fail to boot the system try to do it from the usb ports.

I change to SanDisk, use also p281_1g dtb, try from usb. Not work :frowning:

Hmm that’s strange, Is it showing a blank screen? If it does it’s booting properly but not starting EmuELEC. If it just loads Android then u have to unlock ur booting mechanism.

I see only factory reset menu and other option when booting

Can you post a screenshot of what happens when you boot?

The x96 MINI has the S905W2 SoC (you can see it in the first screen of the post). This SoC is Amlogic S4 platform for which EmuELEC version has not yet been developed.

Try using the dtb file: s4_s905w2_[1-4]g.dtb file 1-4 is gb in memory.


CoreELEC works with SoC S905W2, but EmuELEC doesn’t! It has nothing to do with the dtb used! See here: Trying to compile for s905w2 Amlogic-ne