First time emuelec user here, need help

I own a tx3 mini android TV box which my parents bought some time ago. I decided to use it to play emulator games but didn’t like the android system as it was too painstakingly annoying to use. Someone recommended me to install emuelec 3.9 since it was the version that supports the amlogic s905w. I followed the instructions and installed it onto an SD card. As soon as I inserted it into the TV box and booted it up, it successfully got onto the boot menu of emuelec but as time passed on it got stuck and the screen froze. I tried to reset the TV box but didn’t work. Might need help with this.

Bad flash or SD card

what do you mean by bad sd card or flash?can you show me how?

Something went wrong with the installation, probably due to a bad flashing or data corruption in sd. Download the correct image for your device re-flash in a different formatted sd

The screenshot somehow seems like what I got on a 4GB SD card. What’s the size of your SD card? 8GB is minimum requirement.

I’m using a SanDisk 32gb.

I have a 16GB SanDisk SD card which I doubt not genuine. The first time I flashed EmuELEC to the SD card, and booted from internal card slot, I got many error message just like your screenshot.

Then I reflashed again, and put it in external USB card reader. This time, the boot process went smoothly, and then I can boot EmuELEC from internal card slot or external card reader.

So, try reflash a clean EmuELEC again and boot from external USB card reader. Let’s see if it works for you.

AFAIK, the first time booting EmuELEC will initialize a process of resizing the partition. If the step failed, EmuELEC may still boot, but may fail to do anything correctly.