Nokia 8000 (s905x3) version 4.6

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Installed the EmuElec version 4.6 on separate usb on a Nokia 8000 streaming box (s905x3). For background this device loads Corelec but not perfectly as cannot play video I think due to the locked bootloader. Used as a server with docker containers etc. Works quite well

EmuElec went to boot screen, Then displayed the logo installed. then displayed failed to start debug-shell.service. Hang for a while Then rather unexpected after a few minutes sound and new screen loaded up which I assume was title screen then it went black again. Thought I was there!

I can SSH into the device and note I did have to take the resolution config from the working Coreelec version and place it in the root on the EmuElec to get it to display to a screen.

Are there any SSH commands I can run to check installation, etc? It seems really inconsistent on boots sometimes going further sometimes not almost like the resolution is going wrong.

I have never dealt with anything like that, so I can only guess.

1st, try not to copy anything from CoreELEC, just use EmuELEC image, while we use CE as base, many configurations have changed and/or are specifically for EmuELEC.

useful commands you could check, are dmesg, journaltctl.

Also if you can get to SSH try starting emulationstation manually

systemctl stop emustation
emuelec-emulationstation --debug

If it fails to load you can get more info right away about why.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Oddly ended up trying the resolution change here on Monday this week in the emuelec.conf got it going. Set it 720p60z and its working. The TV i am using is a very early Sony LCD (has fluorescent backlight) so maybe something odd with that.

It is still a bit of a hack as said- dtb is from CoreElec, and there’s the resolution file from working CoreElec usb stick. Really happy that although I can’t use CoreElec to play video as bootloader locked seems to work ok with Emuelec. Ateast in the games I tried.

I may get another USB card and try to set it up correctly.


Change resolution - General / How-to - EmuELEC

Could it be that the TV is actually 720p? that could explain the flickering, as it is probably trying to display 1080p (which is default) and the TV not being able to so. do you have another TV that is 1080p or more that you could test?

I don’t think bootloader is locked, otherwise it would not even boot to the splash screen.

What version of CoreELEC does that dtb come from?

Well the behavior in CoreElec is as this link. I can boot and load docker containers etc but won’t play video from within Kodi. Not a huge deal. Works fine in Emuelec.

Nokia Streaming Box 8000 - boot ok but no stream - Help & Support / Hardware - CoreELEC Forums

Yes I think the tv can do 1080i but only upto 720p. I am using on my LG c1 48" which does 1080p although got it running initially in 720p.

The dtb I used I think comes from this image i downloaded.