Change resolution

I’m not sure that this is the correct section, but I need assistance. I am running emuelec and I’m trying to get it to show on my Dell 2007fpb. The Dell is 1600x1200. I can get the box up and running on my TV, but the Dell shows signal out of range.

SSH in then open emuelec.conf:

nano /emuelec/configs/emuelec.conf

find ee_videomode and change it too:


save, close, then reboot device.

Thank you for that, I was able to get it going on the Dell Screen. Do you happen. to know how to change aspect ratio within each game?

Well you can change the aspect ratio if in emulation station press SELECT and it’s in advanced options for the emulator (you might have to select a specific emulator). If you just want to change it for a game. Hold the button you use to usually launch games and it should be in advanced game options.

Thanks again. Now I’m just trying to get the 1:1 aspect ratio to work for all emulators, the saves don’t stick the next time I boot the game.