Resolution Issue

Running version 3.9 on a new Arcade Box (ad 1900).

When I first got it, I plugged it into my 75" 1080 tv. Everything worked perfect.

I am trying to run it on an arcade machine with a 1600x1200 screen. I made the change to “custom” under video options, and I updated the EE_VIDEO_MODE file to “1600x1200p60hz”

It now displays on my screen, but there is a black bar on the bottom and I am missing part of the right hand side. I have tried so many settings, but I just can’t get it.

Now I can’t get it to fit right even on my same 75" screen I tried at the beginning. No matter which video setting I try, I always have the bottom black bar. Any idea what I am missing?

Also I have tried to revert back to “1080p60hz” and many other settings, but I am getting the black bar at the bottom and the right side is cut off no matter which setting or which monitor I try. Here is a pic on my 16:9 monitor.

No idea what box that is or what chip it has, but FYI v3.9 is old and no longer supported.

Now, is this official v3.9? if so, why are you using such old version?

As I have no idea what changes you have made (and honestly I can’t remember what settings are used on v3.9) my suggestion is to go into Danger Zone in the EmuELEC settings and reset all settings to default, but be aware that all your other changes will be lost.

Oh,. never mind, please ask whoever sold you that device to also provide tech support, it is not supported here.