Weird screen flickering at the sides and unability to set the right resolution- Le Potato

Hi, so I have have been trying to find solution for past few days, I have bought le potato board and a screen, but the screen isn’t compatible with anything besides Raspbian, Ubuntu or Kali. I didn’t even know that it couldn’t be compatible. So I tried to run it with EmuElec with high hopes that it would work. There is weird flickering at the sides when it’s loading and I also couldn’t get the resolution right, the LCD screen says it’s 800x480 pixels, but when i create a custom profile for it, EmuElec acts like it’s a 1080p and I have not changed anything.

I am using 4.6 version of EmuElec and Libre Le potato, the LCD screen is from waveshare with this name: 5inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, 800×480, HDMI, Low Power

SSH and try adding this line to emuelec.conf: edit: (run the following line in SSH)

echo "ee_videowindow=0 0 800 400" >> /storage/emeuelc/configs/emuelec.conf

Keep in mind some older chips cant adjust the resolution with our newer coreELEC version. So the buffer will remain 1080p but hopefully that line will adjust to the window for your screen.