In game screen problem

I recently updated my Emuelec and now all in game screens appear strange. There are two large grey stripes on each side of screen with a little Emuelec logo on the bottom part of it and the game screen looks stretched and not centered. It was normal before this update, centered screen with no stripes.
Tried to change a few settings but nothing works. Never happened before.
I am on a 22" PC monitor.
Anyone knows how to solve it?

Please tell some more infos…

  • What version are you using actually - and what version did you updated from?
  • What hardware/device are you using?
  • Can you post a photo of the corrupt / incorrect displayed game screen?
  • Did you changed something (settings) after the update?

I am not sure… But maybe you can try to edit following file:

  • \Storage.config\emuelec\configs\emuelec.conf

and change the “Set Video mode” section, if you have different values:

  • Set video mode

  • ee_videomode=1080p60hz
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Hello any thanks for the answer.
I’m using 4.2 and not sure what was previous version in a Tx3Mini.
I’m not at home right now but will post a picture as soon as I get there.
I didn’t change anything in the setting but maybe my 10yr old son did as he was playing it a few days ago without me watching him.
Also everything else works just fine, full screen intro, menus and etc, it’s just when I load a game that this stripes appear.

Thanks again!

go to main menu (start button) , EmuELEC settings and in the aspect ratio option choose “full”
then go to the game settings section and in the bezels option choose “off”

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