T95 s1 issue with display

Anyone know why this is happening,
New install on a t95 s1, s905w 2g,
When it was first booted with latest ng build, it doesn’t display anything but boots up and is available on ssh, when resolution is put in config.ini it displays the emulec boot screen perfectly but black on emulationstation.
When resolution put into emulec.conf it shows a garbled display with 4 overlaping screens.

On same bo latest coreelec build same issue when installed first installed (all black) but when resolution is placed in boot, it displays a similar corrupt coreelec boot screen but Kodi displays perfectly.
Batocera runs perfectly but can’t sort analogue audio on it.

s905w have a locked frame buffer resolution of 1080p that cannot be changed in the latest version.

If you want to change resolution you have to apply this PR:

And recompile a build. But bear in mind internally its still 1080p.

Thanks for the info, but how is it I have another s905w (x96 mini) running 4.6 ng without an issue, is it to do with the monitor it’s connected to?

Also how do I easily put a pull request into a build, last time I manually edited the scripts before building as it was only 2 lines but this seems a lot more complex.

Again Thanks for info and solution, was looking at emuelec GitHub and the work you have done especially with regards resolution and setres has been outstanding, (maybe you would be a good candidate to fork this and manage it as it as it seems to be dead or at least on life support ATM not to knock the excellent work that the current owner has put in to get it this far)

Not sure why your other one works fine, but yeah s905w cant change resolution easily with EE I think 4.5 (correction) onwards.

If you know how to build, here is the latest version that should have those changes in it.

Remember to switch to the branch after a clone with:

git checkout dev_4.6.1-TEST

Also here is a really long thread discussing the issue lol: