X96mini & T95N (Mini m85 pro) AV output black screen

“I have 2 Amlogic S905W TV boxes, but when I set the video output to 576cvbs to get video output through the AV cable, the TV box starts with its original logo and brand displayed on the AV output screen. However, when Emuelec starts, I can see the logo, but after it finishes displaying the logo, the screen remains black and it fails to display anything else. I’m experiencing this issue with both TV boxes. The Emuelec version is 4.3.”

Any idea?

You may have to use a more recent setres.sh file.

SSH into the devices then copy/paste each line one at a time:

cd /emuelec/bin
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/v4.6/packages/sx05re/emuelec/bin/setres.sh
chmod +x /emuelec/bin/setres.sh