S905x device no video

I have a s905x device that came with a modified 4.3 version , I tried switching to the original 4.3 and 3,6 using the emuELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-generic.img.gz file with xl_p212_1g.dtb , gxl_p212_2g.dtb, and original dtb that come with chinese sdcard, but it doesn’t give me any video signal, only the green led power.
i took it apart to see if it was really s905x and it was, as shown in the picture

I honestly don’t know how to proceed anymore, I’ve tried several older versions of emuelec, but it always gives the same result,
the device only works with a image that come with chinese sdcard.

If I were you I’d stick with version 4.3. Its pretty good for lower spec chips anyway.

Yes but it comes with a modified version like the image:

That looks like it’s locked in Kids Mode. You need to SSH in and modify /emuelec/configs/emuelec.conf, or in linux since you probably cant set the network settings.

i cannot access using ssh, the device does not have a wireless or eth connection, i only can access sdcard files, kernel.img, system, etc.
mounting system image on linux i cannot see /emuelec folder, or any file with emuelec.conf name.

the file /storage/.emulationstation/es_settings.cfg show as:
string name=“UIMode” value=“Full”

i have success extracting SYSTEM image and repacking again, system boot normally,
the system image have this folders:

I have extracted the DTB file from the kernel.img and convert back to dts
here are the link to file:

but this DTB only work at this modified emuelec version, i have tried with 3.1,3.5, 4.3 and does not show any video image.

AMLOGIC,8726_M8B is never supported by EmuELEC

This is not S905X and has nothing to do with it, but a pretty old SoC, which Amlogic dropped their support long ago, two gens before S9 family gen1.

This is either M805 or M806 with fake S905X text. It has Mali 450 MP2 and S905/S905X has Mali 450 MP3 so it could have at most 66% performance of S905, enough to trick customers on pre-32bit emulation.

The old kernel we used techinically supported this SoC, so the guys behind this product at least know how to adjust EE the project to build on it, I’m kinda impressed. If I’m guessing right this is that kind of so-called Moonlight boxes sold in China?

Noticeable products that use this SoC include Odroid C1 and many old setup boxes.