How to set the supported 1280x1024p60hz resolution?

How to set the supported 1280x1024p60hz resolution?

Press START in emulationstation, Select Emulec Settings, Video Mode scroll up past the first entry and 1280x1024 should be there.

Thank you, but there is only 1280 * 720 resolution, not 1280 * 1024 resolution. Ver4.2 supports it, but I can’t find where to set it

Hey, you have to go to the very top option and press up again, it’s a bit awkward but thats how I got too it.

It makes me very confused. Different monitors have the option of 1280 * 1024 resolution, but my 19 inch monitor doesn’t display this option, which bothers me. The monitor itself supports 1280 * 1024 resolution

You also may be able to set a Custom resolution and add the value: “1280x1024p60hz” and see if that works.

If you compile the latest dev build, SSH in and copy/paste the following command:

echo "1280x1024p60hz" > /storage/.config/EE_VIDEO_MODE

And on startup it will get the value and insert it into the Emuelec settings.
Or you could insert it directly by doing the following command in ssh:

set_ee_setting ee_videomode 1280x1024p60hz

Both require a reboot to apply the settings.