Video resolution in ports

Hi ,

How can i change video resolution for a game in ports??
There is no option to do that in the menu , i think it is set to native resolution in ES.
I have Arcade1up screen which is 640X480 , what i get is a screen with black sides .

Is thare an way to change the resolution manually on some file in SSH maybe ??


Each port has its own settings, not managed by ES. When starting these ports ES is simply closed before they’re executed. They’re just like games on Windows, you need to change their settings manaully one by one in their dedicated ways. Some might have an human-readble config file but it’s not guaranteed

This mean there is no way :smirk:
The thing is i have set screen resolution to 1920X1080 , to get the best quality on EE/ES , for all other emulators /games i need to set the resolution to 640X480 for each game or for the Emulator settings in ES so i can have the game in full screen 640X480 without the black sides .

There is 2 .sh files for each game in ports and config , one is empty and the other han no resolution string to modify .

need to do a deep research .

is not the config file, they just specify how to (prepare to) run the port (some might potentially also prepare the config file). You need to look up for the config file for EACH program, and even then, as I said, it’s not guaranteed they’ll use a human-readable file format (a.k.a. straight-up old-school var=value style .ini config file) for the config file.

Thanks for your help ,

I fixed the resolution in the game settings .
It was ( cannonball ) , at the game video settings there is Widescreen OFF/ON , On fixed the issue .