Will installation to eMMC be ever supported again?

As we know, on version 4.4, ceemmc support was removed, of course there is still a way to have newer EmuELEC versions on eMMC by installing 4.3 and updating the OS. However, this is not the ideal scenario, as it is not the “natural flow” of the OS installation.

As of 4.6, support to some S905x4 devices might be introduced (I tried the TEST build and it worked), but there is no way to install EmuELEC into the Box’s internal drive.

My questions are:
Will ceemmc be back again someday?
Or is there a way to install it on eMMC after 4.3 versions (even if risky)?

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Ampart has been a part of 4.6 test for a while.

7Ji/ampart: A simple, fast, yet powerful partition tool for Amlogic’s proprietary emmc partition format (github.com)

You can use aminstall to test it, but be aware that it comes with no guarantees nor support.

EmuELEC/aminstall at dev · EmuELEC/EmuELEC (github.com)

make sure you remove the device check, but I will repeat this comes with no guarantees nor support

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Awesome, didn’t knoiw we had some of these features. I’ll stay tuned for 4.6 with hopes for ampart. Thanks for the quick reply.

Also, loved the cup_of_tea()

S905x4 (or at least the HK1 RBOX X4 in my hand) is not supported by ampart, as it needs to read several partitions info from dtb to properly initialize the platform. There’re two partition tables on an Amlogic device: one at the beginning of the reserved partition, the other one in dtb to create the first one. Since ampart modifies the first one and Amlogic’s “friendly” u-boot will “helpfully” fix the first table if it’s different from the latter one, ampart had to remove the partition table from dtb, which therefore renders it unusable on S905X4

I always recommend learning ampart’s syntax from its documentation (Home · 7Ji/ampart Wiki · GitHub) and using ampart directly, in that way you will truly unleash the full potential of it and can do the layout in whatever way you want it. But still, however you use ampart – with aminstall to wrap around it or not, it’s not a supported feature on EmuELEC