Support for S905x4

Hi and thank you for your work.

Do you have a rough idea of ​​when the S905X4 SoC will be supported?

Thank you

No, there are no s905x4 sources yet, so who knows when.

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To get a close answer about when will S905X4 be supported, check CoreELEC support list.
When CoreELEC lists S905X4 in its support list, you can expect EmuELEC to support S905X4 in its next release with high possibility. If CoreELEC does not support S905X4, the possibility that EmuELEC will ever support S905X4 is very low.


Ok thank you for your answers

Today I copied this post from the CoreELEC Forum, from the topic "Amlogic S905X4"

Portisch CoreELEC Team 10d

S905X4 (SC2) maybe do have a locked hardware video decoder and therefor it can not be used without the necessary TDK/SDKs by signing NDA. As CE is a open-source community this might happen never. We got the device booting and Kodi GUI shows up and sound works normally. This is current status we have and the development is on hold now until we can find more information.

Status by 11/2021 if you want to use CE on the device:


And three days later the topic was closed:

“And as S905X4 is dead I will close this Thread.”

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I created a topic about it on 12/08 on the CoreELEC Forum.

The next day it was closed, but the developers responded. And the answer is troubling.

[S905X4 – Would AMLogic have blocked the SoC for use in CoreELEC?]


Why is it troubling? CE is not dead, not even near, it just the S905x4 that will not work.


It is worrying because there was not only talk about blocking this specific SoC by AMLogic, but about the future of CoreELEC itself, as can be seen in several responses in that topic, which culminated in the following sentence by the developer:

Right now it looks Amlogic force a Android direction only, so the end of CoreELEC .”

I think the developer was joking. He was just tired of explaining why CoreELEC can’t support S905X4. It’s on the part of AMLogic, not on the CoreELEC team’s decision.

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He has been very clear…s905x4 is not a reality now … nor probably in the future beyond another s912 case (useless power) .until Amlogic decides one day to share sources, something unlikely

I don’t think I was kidding. Not that much was said about the S905X4. And I always found it strange that the CE was not interested in this SoC.

After all, I think of a hypothesis (conspiracy theory?):

  1. According to what I read on Wikipedia Amlogic is an ARM licensee and uses ARM architecture in most of its products.

  2. MALI GPUs are produced by ARM.

  3. In September 2020 the purchase of ARM by NVIDIA was announced.

So I thought: Could it be that the actions to prevent CoreELEC and other open source products from using SoC’s Amlogic (as reported by the CE developers) have nothing to do with some deliberate action by NVIDIA, which owns ARM?

I am sure he meant for the S905x4, not in general.

This is a lie, I am a member of the internal/private CE chat, and trust me, they tried, HARD! to get s905x4 to work, but reality is just that there are NO sources available for end-users, unless you are a company that manufacturers devices, you are not going to get that info.

Please don’t spread rumors based on your minimal knowledge, it has nothing to do with CE or open source, Everything points to that it’s just Amlogic/Arm/nvidia or whoever that do not care for Linux on their devices, as it is not where the money comes from.

The blocking of the boot-loader is mostly because Google requires it to be able to show Netflix,Disney+,etc in HD, its a requirement that needs to be fulfilled if they want a widevine license, if they don’t do that then Netflix, Disney+ only show in SD mode and sometimes not even that.

And in any case, the CE team has the device booting, so its not a locked boot-loader, it’s as the CE team has repeated over and over, a matter of drivers and software not available, just because it boots does not mean it’s useful.

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I want to inform you that this transcribed sentence, which says that Amlogic forces the end of CoreELEC, belongs to the CE developer, not mine. Having nothing more to say, I close my participation in this topic. I appreciate the attention to my questions.

This is a lie, please stop spreading these! you are not helping.

Okay, like I said I stopped. But did you read carefully what I said, that the phrase is not mine, but someone from the CE team? I didn’t make up this phrase. It’s there in that topic, do you understand that? Don’t say I’m making up a lie. I am transcribing something that was said by someone in the CE. I won’t bother you anymore!

Yes, it was said by him, but look into the context! he meant for S905x4! not in GENERAL like you are implying. You are taking it out of context and claiming he meant CE is dead IN GENERAL which is not the case. Do you understand that?

And how could the lack of support for a single SoC spell the end of CE? It is not possible to understand the context as this. If access to Amlogic’s SoCs were to cease, it would jeopardize the continuity of the CE. And it was said in every letter that Amlogic is not willing to give access, which I understand, going forward. Thankfully there is the S922X that is current and will have a lifecycle. There’s no mistaking this. I may not have knowledge, as has been said, but I know how to interpret the information presented to me.

OK, I am done with this, you clearly lack reading comprehension, so think of it as you wish :slight_smile:

The reciprocal is true. But don’t worry, I won’t talk about it any more.