Convert corelec image S905x4


I boot a coreelec generic image nightly 06/08 on s905x4 today
Is It possible generate a emuelec generic image using It?


You can’t simply “convert” it, there’s other things that need to be ported from CE’s source, and update need to be done in OpenGL.

Support is already achieved days ago, but please wait for v4.6 to come out. It has more surprises than just adding S905X4 support :smile:


Added note: I’m not the developer of EmuELEC, just a normal user like you.
My answer above is the same thing you could tell by looking at EmuELEC’s source code on github.
I saw some people read my answer and understood it as “S905X4 will be officially supported in v4.6” and spread this message and say this is the official support note.
No, that’s not the case. It’s just that since upstream supported S905X4, supporting it (compatibility only, not necessarily with support advice/service) in downstreams can be expected soon, and this is only my expectation, it is not guaranteed by anyone from Team EmuELEC