Incorporating AmberELEC (formerly 351ELEC) into EmuELEC

Would be cool if we could merge AmberELEC into EmuELEC, its originally a fork of EmuELEC but it’s outdated a few months.

There is also a bunch of Rockchip CPU devices I’d love to see supported.

Your last release was from last year. Apologies if your dev branch supports EmuELEC 4.4-5. What I said may have been mis-interpreted, I didn’t mean to join projects, I meant more for EE to support specifically RK3326 and RK3399 without having to look for alternative distributions.

Rk3326 is already supported on EmuELEC (GameForce and OGA/OGS).

RK3399, RK3566, RK3568, and soon RK3588 as well (with a few changes) but no images are publicly available yet.

If you mean support for other Chinese devices, like Anbernic or PowKiddy (among others) then the issue is different as I personally do not want to support those companies that blatantly violate licenses and copyright.

And while Amberelec is a hard fork of EmuELEC it has a different focus, and its a completely different distro now. But you can however cherry pick commits from it and open a PR on EmuELEC if you like, but keep in mind that any new devices added needs maintenance as well.