More updates regarding news and releases?

I am now a big fan of EmuELEC, which I discovered more or less by coincidence on the internet.

Unfortunately, to this day, EmuELEC doesn’t seem to have its own website to promote this great product. (i know, hosting and co would costs extra money and its some extra work)

So far I only know this forum here as the only official contact point. I myself is using EmuELEC v4.5 on my Odroid N2+ for a long time.

I am also more suprised, you will find only infos about the old v4.4 (title: V4.4 Estable Released!") from march 20, 2022 in the “News and Release” category.

Unfortunately, nothing can be found under “News and Releases” regarding the existing v4.5 or the current v4.6 that is being worked on.

I can certainly only begin to guess how much energy, time and work has gone into the (further) development of EmuELEC; and appreciates and appreciates this very much! Thank you for this!

How about announce the current / in work version in the “News and Releases” category for existing and possivle for newcomers? Gladly also a short info/status of the current version/test version under development would be nice.

The whole thing is certainly not super important; however, I would just find it nice if you can see where the current version is actually - and that it / how it is currently going on.

Thank you for understanding.

I get what you are saying, but the fact is that the team is very small, most of the EmuELEC stuff is done by 1 person (not counting the CoreELEC base) with some people helping with fixes, coding and related stuff.

Not to mention all of that cost not only money, but time which we don’t really have.

But I would say that the best way to get the information is via discord.