Emuelec 4.4 Beta Release date

Hello EmuElec team when will EmuElec 4.4 beta will be release thank you?

It depends on exactly what you want in the new release.
If you only want a new version number, you can compile it yourself.

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I would love to see latest retro arch
I would like to see more ports supports like One Must Fall 2097, Rise of the Triad, others.
I would like to see tiger emulator and lcd games. update mame to the latest version.

just 2 months since the last stable version and working fine. Keep in mind that EmuELEC is a system developed by a single person and few do tests. The updates are many and very fast if we compare with any other teams with more developers. Please be patient. also afaik the entire base of the system is being changed for future releases

Thank you so much for explain to me im looking forward on feature releases.

You never ask free developers when they are coming out with new releases lol


You just say thank you every time they upload a new release and send them money as donations if you can afford it.

EmuElec is developed really by only one single person? :astonished:
Why? Why isn’t there a LibreElec-DevTeam? I really love EmuElec but that news makes me really speechless.

The base of the project comes from CoreELEC, but the EmuELEC part is basically just one person, although more people have helped here and there, but unfortunately not many stay :frowning:


I totally understand everyone I’m not programmer if I was I’ll be gladly to help out and help develop on EMUElec and I want to thank you for releasing the beta release of 4.4 thank you so much team have wonderful new years and stay safe.

Can someone send me page where to donate I’ll be happy to donate.