[Release][EmuElec 4.3+plus] For older chips. s905L-M maybe?

Hey, Ive made a more up to date release which should support older chips. I cannot guarantee it will compile or work for your device and you still need the correct dtb file.
I will try to make it work ok but don’t expect I will fix everything and or keep it up-to-date.


How to compile:

PROJECT=Amlogic ARCH=aarch64 DISTRO=EmuELEC make image

Credits to maintainers and contributors.


First of all, thank you very much for thinking so, let emuelec4.3 has been improved and updated. I have a suggestion that I hope to adopt in emuelec4 3 plus can also choose external memory like Batocera, so that you can easily find the external game ROM. It can also be regarded as an enhancement based on the original foundation of emuelec.