Ampart to alocate partitions on emuelec install

Hello, i have an s905h tv box with 8gb of storage! With this CPU i only can use 4.3, works great but i need my sd port free and i dont care the old android of that tv box, so i use installtointernal script and works ok, the only problem is that i have 4gb of storage unused! I want storage and system partitions bigger than 1gb ( to copy textures for psp hack games for example) and maybe also roms partition! Looking the web i find ampart app created for a contributor of emuelec, and also that is the app used in the new script to install to internal on 4.7 release! Created by the same developer!!
So my question is, can i use ampart to expand my mmc partition?
Thanks in advance!

I download static ampart and run it for a web report, that was the output:

The Emuelec installation is using only only less than 4gb , and more than 4gb are with out use!!!

I want use ampart the modify that!! But i cannot do a snapshot or modify partition with the command update, etc… Maybe because the static ampart, i dont know!
Any help please!

I found that the wiki has old documentation, since version 1.0 (i think) of ampart the arguments change, but the new docu have not examples and its hard for me to understand!

Anyway, i managed to do a snapshot with dsnapshot and esnapshot, and save me, because i delete dtb partition in one of my tries!! With dclone and the snapshot, i was able to solved!

Any idea? thanks

dclone a minimal snapshot system::1G:1 data::-1:4 with --migrate all argument to ensure existing system partition is migrated, then e2fsck & resize2fs the new enlarged data partition, you’ll lose stuffs like Android logo.

Also ampart is not part of EmuELEC now (with good intent, that I don’t want it abused by resellers of those ripped off boxes), you shouldn’t seek for help here.