EEROMS partition in 3.9


First of all, many thanks to all the contributors of these awesome project.

I have an Amlogic s905d and therefore I must use the 3.9 version. I made the installation in 32GB microSD without problems.
The problem is that in this version there’s not the EEROMS partition witch is very useful to add roms from Windows systems. The ext4 partition is the only one for system and roms-bios and the copy of files to this partition is a pain in the ass and terribly slow.
The question is that if it would be posible to make EEROMS FAT32 partition in 3.9 Emuelec like in 4.0 and up.

Thanks in advance.

Good morning,
The S905D is compatible with Emuelec 4.0 and higher. So we recommend that you update to a more recent version.

Thank you dude!

I thought that the s905(x) devices must stay in the 3.9 version

hello I had a problem with the EEROMS partition, it happens that from version 4.0 onwards if you flash it on a hard drive, it does not finish creating the EEROMS partition.

but it has a solution to create the conditions identical to those of the sd card, I formatted the partition with gparted without format in fat32, I put the EEROMS label and in manage options by right clicking on the partition I put lba, I imagine that I don’t know much that it has to be an indicator of the function that lei fulfills that is used in storage partitions, then I simply copied the game folders and it was already working.

Excuse the bad English but it costs me a bit and I used the translator in a large part of the post.

I hope it helps someone else, or maybe leave a record for future correction.


hi man,Can you give us a graphic tutorial?

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It’s a known bug that’s fixed in fix fs-resize would break on 4GB drives, and EEROMS was not properly … · EmuELEC/EmuELEC@bf4536c · GitHub

The cause is that the partition path was not correct when you’re booting from USB drive (a p is added to the path when it shouldn’t)

Technical detail: On Linux, suppose a disk drive is /dev/disk, there’s two ways to name the partition depending on the driver: it could use /dev/diskN, or /dev/diskpN. The SD/MMC and NVMe driver uses /dev/diskpN while the SCSI/IDE/SATA/USB driver uses /dev/diskN. The bug was caused due to a oversight that hard-coded the path in the /dev/diskpN way, so the EEROMS partition on USB can’t be properly formatted.

You method to create the EEROMS manually is correct, but shouldn’t be needed anymore once the next stable release of EmuELEC is published

would love to see this tutorial too. I followed theese steps:

  • burning an 3.9 emuelec image to the 64GB SD Card
  • starting up my tv box
  • get back with the card to the PC - no ROMS folder visible
  • divided “Storage” partition into 2 partitions (3,5 GB and ca. 50 GB rest)
  • renamed the other partition EEROMS
  • put roms to the drive I created to the “roms” folder

but with no luck, no games were visible, any practical help that would give some light would be highly appreciated

3.9 has no EEROMS partition. You need to send your roms via SFTP or using a linux computer or something similar

Hello, I have read in several places that the roms can be loaded on another separate drive (micro sd, pendrive, ssd) and connected separately from where emuelec is installed, but can this be applied for version 3.9? I have an S912 and unfortunately I cannot update to a 4.x version, and loading roms, bios, deleting becomes very tedious and yes or yes I have to be at home to do it so that it is connected and log in via network.
Another problem I have (it’s been 1 week since I entered this world) is that I can’t play PSP games, I downloaded ppsspp and put it in the bios folder but when I try to run I get an error, I couldn’t get it to run none, and i selected PPSSPP as core in the options because i read that PPSSPPSDL does not work but i have had no luck either.
The text is translated to English, so there may be spelling errors.
Thanks in advance.

S912 is no longer supported, it has so many issues it is not worth it. You can try this, but there is no guarantee it will work with s912

ROMS on external USB media · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki (

Well then I will approve doing that to see if reading roms from another external works.
The question remains pending about PSP if it can be run on the s912 or will the answer be that it has so many problems that it is not worth it.
One last question, I have a 32GB pendrive and I’m thinking about migrating everything to a larger unit, 128GB, do you know if it supports reading that capacity, both on the micro SD and on the pendrive? Since if I use a micro SD I have a free USB port but I don’t want to risk buying it if it won’t work. Or in any case if it supports a 256GB external SSD, since I want to add more PSX and Dreamcast games that work well for me.
Thanks again

PSP will not work on s912

Hello, I have tried on the s912 use another unit to load the roms as you told me and the only combination that worked for me was the following: load emuelec 3.9 through the pendrive and the roms through the micro SD slot. I am going to wonder how much is the maximum that the micro SD slot can address. The pendrive and pendrive combination did not load them, nor did it emuelec on micro SD and roms on pendrive