Not seeing EEROMS partition just "USB Drive (I)"

Hello, I’ve got 4.3 working on a T95 Max box and EmuElec runs just fine with 31 games pre-installed it seems. However, when I put the SD in windows computer, I get EmuElec partition (with the device trees…etc) and USB Drive as the other partition. Previously, this had separated to EmuElec and EEROMS and another. I need to access the EEROMS partition to load up more ROMS.

I have done a Windows update, so I’m not sure if it’s the Windows update or new 4.3 version, but can’t seem to get the EEROMS partition to show. I guess it’s locked away behind the USB Drive partition (which is unclickable and message that drive needs formatting).

Any help please?

This helped me out. Hope it helps!

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Follow Method 1. After I followed the steps I had to eject the card and put it back in the computer. It worked after that.