[Dev EE 4.2+] USB HDD W95 FAT32

Hey I followed the instructions here:

and made an empty file emuelecroms inside the roms folder. But none of the games contained inside the rom folders are showing.

The USB HDD is mounting fine, its W95 FAT32 formatted, and it’s listed in /media. The only way I can get the roms to load is if I change the es_systems.cfg to load /media/USB/roms/.

Any advice to get it working without manually specifying the usb external location ?

Try enabling the boot delay on emuelec.conf.

## Some external HDDs take longer to mount than ES to load, if your external ROMS do not mount in time, increase this timer

I assume you are using the newest DEV, if so I think there might be a small bug with the new way of handling the disk mounting, I had to move it to autostart.sh to enable random boot videos, so it might be causing issues