Help emuelec4 3 mount ROMs

The box of my s905x is equipped with a 500g SATA mechanical hard disk outside the USB. The hard disk is formatted into NTFS format, and the volume label eeroms. A ROMs folder is established in the partition, and an emuelecroms file without extension is established inside the ROMs folder. For the game ROM, according to the " ROMS on USB media · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub "Operation, the hard disk can be seen under SSH and mounted in the / media directory. Even if I change #ee_load. Delay = 100, I still can’t mount the game to storage / ROMs. Please tell me how I can mount the game in the hard disk to storage / ROMs.

thank you.

check that the extensions are not hidden, the emuelecroms file inside the “roms” directory (not ROMs) and the directory names are correct:

I don’t think so, but to avoid a possible name conflict change the label of the hdd

I’m glad you can answer my question. Emuelecroms can be sure that there is no extension name. The ROM folder is established in the root directory of the hard disk, and the files without extension are in this folder. emuelec4. 3. There is no automatic mount and the Games in ROMs are not displayed. Obviously, the mount is not successful.

I followed this operation, and the ROMs folder is also correct.

if the paths and directory names are ok i think there is a problem with the hdd, maybe a power problem or with the usb port

try using a different external drive (pendrive, SD adapter, another hdd)

I recently tested 4.3 on different devices connected to a mechanical 2.5" hdd with no problems.

I assume you are using legitimate version EmuELEC 4.3 and the dtb file is correct (otherwise the usb may not be recognized by the system

There is definitely no problem with the hard disk. I can mount the hard disk normally in emuelec3.4 and the roms are running normally, but not in emuelec4.3. Using emuelec4.3, connect the hard disk and use ssh to see that the hard disk is in the /media directory. The es file browser can also access the files in the roms, so I concluded that there is no problem with the hard disk, but the roms are not mounted to the storage/roms, so the es cannot recognize the game. It seems that emuelec4.3 does not automatically mount the game to storage/roms, I need to edit which file can directly mount the hard disk roms to storage/roms, instead of letting the system recognize the emuelecroms file to mount automatically.

hello, i have the same problen with ee 4.3 installed on internal like you! Were you able resolve the problem?