External USB-HDD not work with 4.2

I did everyting exactly like the intro in emuelecwiki:

" NTFS/EXFAT formatted drive is recommended, but fat32 and ext4 should also work.

To do this just create a directory in the root of your USB media called “roms” and include a file (not a directory) named “emuelecroms” (no extension!) inside the roms directory."

Rom files can be saw with the file manage tool under setup, but no game will be showed up in emulationstation, what can I do?

Many thanks in advance!

  1. Check if it’s auto-mounting in ssh under /media, or in terminal from ES.
  2. Also create an empty file “sx05reroms” in your external hdd roms directory.
  3. modify es_systems.cfg to look into the external HDD. /media//roms/

This is incorrect

The file should be named emuelecroms with no extension. And please do not do number 3, its a horrible idea that will make you have to change it on every update.

Please read the wiki entry about this: ROMS on USB media · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub

Post your es_logs from /emuelec/logs upload them to pastebin or similar.

@EmuELEC, sorry my bad I thought I read somewhere to include sx05reroms. I have been modifying es_systems.cfg, I never knew it was automatic when “emuelecroms” was included.

and this is the file on external hdd, witch can be loaded manually under RA

And of cause I’ve tried refreshing game list and restart EE, as the very first step.

Whats the deal with the chinese characters after roms? could that be maybe causing an issue?

It’s alright, that’s not a part of the directory’s name, the full name is just ‘roms’