Release v4.2-TEST-05142021


  • Add ee_fstype to set the EEROMS partitions to the desired file system, between FAT32 (default), EXT4, EXFAT and NTFS (read the warning about using NTFS). Instructions below.
  • Fix OGG background music
  • Update and for resolution 1280x1024p60hz (PR #600)
  • Fix drastic game saves & save states erased when resetting scripts & binaries to default (PR #595)
  • Add Potator a Watara Supervision emulator core (not tested)
  • gptokeyb bump and fix missing trigger actions
  • Crystal bump to latest
  • emuelec-emulationstation bump to latest

Odroid Go Advance/Super & GameForce:

  • Bump kernel to use latest Mali G31 blobs
  • Introduce RetroRun (not yet fully enabled)

New ee_fstype

Starting with 4.2 a new option for people that are having issues with the EEROMS partition is available, but it comes with a few warnings, please read carefully and decide if this is for you:

  • To be able to use this option a fresh install is required
  • Do not change anything if FAT32 works for you
  • Use EXFAT instead of NTFS when possible
  • If you use Linux EXT4 might be the best option for you!
  • I repeat do not change anything if FAT32 works for you
  • Keep in mind this is a very experimental feature
  • If you insist in using NTFS please read the warning below


If you would like to use FAT32 skip steps 2,3 and 4

1.- Flash the correct test image to your SD, it needs to be the .img.gz on a CLEAN sd, it will not work on update (.tar)
2.- Right after it is flashed open the first partition EMUELEC
3.- Create a file named ee_fstype (no extension!) on the root of the EMUELEC partition
4.- Open the file and type exfat,ntfs or ext4 save it and close it
5.- Do whatever you do to the partition (dtb change, ee_default.txt, etc)
6.- Test

Keep in mind this is an experimental feature, only enable it if you would like to help testing it, please report any issues to the EmuELEC forum, Discord or Github

NTFS Filesystem warning

While I tried to do as much testing as possible with the new ee_fstype option, there still might be issues, NTFS is by far the most problematic so I suggest you first try fat32 or exfat, both will work on Windows computers and Macs. NTFS might have some issues with mounting the update folder, so please use it as a last resort.