EERoms partition has the same drive letter in 4.2

There is a problem after clean install of Emuelec 4.2. EERoms partition has the same drive letter as Emuelec partition. Because of that fact EERoms partition is available but not visible in windows explorer. You can see it in Windows disk management where you can confirm that partition has the same drive letter. There is possible to assign a different letter to EERoms partition. After that it will be visible in explorer.

The same happens with clean install on Fat32 or NTFS formated SD card. Since the problem didn’t exist before it should be related with new “feature”.

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No, its related to Windows, EmuELEC has no control over how your computer assigns new letters to drives. go into disk management and change them there.

No.I have the same problem with linux but only when using a usb ssd or nvme with usb. i have not used emuelec for 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2 for this reason. i have over 600GB of games and wiped my 1T drive and saves to go from 3.9 to 4.0 and have not had a successful install since. i have an n2 and n2+ but use my rpi more due to this problem.

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There should be no driver letter in Linux. Drive letter is only for Windows/DOS.

Yes. Sorry it says creating patition and then formatting in Fat32. And then Linux still doesn’t see the partition.

There was a bug just fixed recently where EEROMS was not formatted correctly on USB drives and I guess that’s the reason you can’t use it on Windows? fix fs-resize would break on 4GB drives, and EEROMS was not properly … · EmuELEC/EmuELEC@bf4536c · GitHub

For drive letter duplication, are you using Windows 7 or similiar old versions? IIRC, multiple volumes under the same removable storage weren’t supported until a certain version of Windows 10