Emuelec 4.2 possibly corrupted file system, can´t copy fines by Lan

Hi friends!!! Recently receive a Lan error when copy files by Lan. I have free space to copy files, about 20gb. I´ve tested with other Emuelec imcroSD mounted and copy files perfectly. Are there some Linux instruccion for repair Emuelect file sistems without damage all???

Externall HDD in my computer give me some problems during copy files and i suppose this corrupt rom file system.

Any suggestion?

If it’s Linux partition, run fsck at a Linux machine (or VM).
If it’s FAT32 partition, most likely Windows will detect error and ask user to fix it.

Hi! Thx for your help, It´s the EEROM partition, i´m in win7 and never recognize this, can´t give a letter or format. Disk Genius told me the first time i burn image that first FAT32 partition was damage but do not let me do a repair. I burn various Emuelec images and never let me see Eerom partition in win7.

You can only rename the eeroms partition in win 10, the older windows will not let you do the rename

The EEROM partition should be FAT32 and accessible in Windows. If Windows does not allow it, try a partition utility, such as Easeus Partition Master (or any other similar applications). There should be plenty partition software (free or trial) on the Internet.