How to Smartly Expand EmuElec Storage?

Thanks to some help already from this forum, I’m up and running on my X96 Max+. Now I can copy games to SD, run them, and WIFI connects now that I learned the escape requirement for special characters. The GUI/menus/presentation is all awesome. Bravo!

But before I go too crazy with game installation and bezels and box art, I need to find a smart way to expand storage. I’m really confused about how to best tackle this.

The default partition setup from the installation process was less than ideal for my 64 Gig micro SD, and only 2 GB was allocated to the Storage partition. I’m not sure how to remedy this and claim more storage space. But I’m tempted to do the set-up/install over again with a really fast 8 GB SD if I can load games/bezels/etc easily from somewhere else.

Since bootloader is locked on my device, I already am using one USB port for an adapter and the EmuElec SD card, and the 2nd is for a USB bluetooth dongle. Is it possible to use a 2nd micro SD directly in the actual (boot-locked) slot on the box and load roms/etc from it? Am I missing a better and totally different solution?

Not sure how to best proceed, but Googling around and searching this forum didn’t provide a clear answer, so here I am again.

Figured this out on my own. Hope the info proves helpful for others. After you put the EmuElec image on your SD card, you can use DiskGenius to expand the Storage partition to all the unused space on your SD card.

Also in Linux you can use “sudo fdisk -l” to find the drive, then "sudo gparted " and then the drive location, for example: sudo gparted /dev/sdd.

There should not be any unused space… partition resizing is automatic on first boot


At this point, I have tried Etcher on three different SD cards. Every single time, the storage partition ends up at just 2 GB. Weird.

Yeah thats correct. The Linux Storage partitiion becomes 2GB and the rest of the space is used for the EEROMS partition. EEROMS is the main partition that will take up room. The storage partition only needs configuration files and maybe a few EE-themes.

The developer have told you, but you don’t get it.
It’s not weird. It’s definitely normal.
The first time you write ISO image to SD card, the partition is fixed by the iso image. Then you put SD card in the TVBox to boot EmuELEC, and EmuELEC will detect and expand the partition to fit the SD card. After that, The install is finished. EmuELEC will reboot and then users can use EmuELEC afterwards.
Merely writing ISO image to SD card will not expand the partition to fit your SD card. No matter what ISO writer it is.
This first boot only has to run once.


Sorry, I didn’t understand the three-part partition structure. After reading this thread (, I formatted the third partition as Fat32 and called it EEROMS, booted and EmuElec created all the folders in it. Everything appears to run well, but every time I boot EmuElec is says something a start job and creating volatile files. Is that normal, or is something messed up?

Why not post a screenshot since you can’t describe what you saw in detail?

Good idea, and thanks again for all the help.

Green OK means ok. Unless you see red ERROR, instead of green OK, then you have to be cautious.
As far as I can see, I don’t see a problem. If you proceed to EmuELEC UI, and you still have some unidentified problem, it’s best to post a log for the developer to diagnose.
As to how to post a log, lookup in the Wiki.

Thank you very much for the sanity check. I’m good to go now. Understanding the formatting+renaming for the EEROMs partition was key–had no idea about those steps originally. Y’all take care and congratulations on an awesome product.

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Yeah you do it on etcher THEN you put it into the box THEN it actually resizes the partitions for you automatically like a bosss. Now I put it back on the Mac and drop the ROMS. It was actually a lot simpler than I thought.

That’s memory. RAM is called volatile memory because it erases the minute you reboot. NVRAM is non volatile random access memory which can persist beyond the reboots.

It would be good if this was noted in the installation guide. It’s unclear what to do about the small partition.

Good Morning,
In partitions there is nothing to do anything, it expands in the first boot. And we indicate it both on the wiki and the videotutorial.

Wiki: How to Install · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub
Video: How to Install EmuELEC - Official Tutorial - YouTube


my emuelec did not expand storage on first boot going from 64 g image moving to a 500g msd card. when i try to ad games it wont let me says not enough room on the card.
im going to try disk genius and see if that will work for me

mines not partioning on the boot and it wont let me ad games from my pc to my card
says that the card does not have enough space even tho i took the 64 gig image and moved it to the 500g

We do not support preconfigured images. And that ruling, it happens to you for using preconfigured images…