Upgrading box with different chip

I have a X96 Air with the s905x3 chip and I upgraded to the ODROID N2 with the s922x to fix issues with glitchy emulation

I installed the latest EMUELEC 4.6 on the N2 and that works, but when I copy over the EEROMS, the interface is different and my settings didn’t carry over

My guess is those are in that hidden unreadable partition on the computer. How do I transfer that over to the new box/SD card?

I tried cloning the SD from the x96 and then copying over the system and kernel files to the N2 EMUELEC partition but I get no image on the screen when it boots that way.

Just connect to your old box via SSH or an FTP manager, then download the needed files or folders to your PC. You can use FileZilla, connect to the IP of Emuelec ( usename is root, password is emuelec) and download your settings. Or you can use this app in order to read the partition: Linux File Systems für Windows | Paragon Software