Trouble with arcade controls

Having trouble with arcade controls on version V4.5. My controls work fine on V4.3 but once I update to any higher version they get all messed up. Is there a fix for this? My Xbox 360 controller works fine on all versions. I’m running a S905x3 4gb ram android tv box (x96 air)

Does this only occur on a updated 4.5 or also on a clean-installed 4.5?

There could be changes about the control config mapping between EmulationStation and RetroArch that made your config incompatible, especially if you’ve configured some controls manually in RetroArch

Both an update and a clean install

Please define “messed up”… Also have you reconfigured your controls directly in Emulationstation?

Yes I have reconfigured controls in emulationstation.

So what does messed up means? you need to provide more information so that people are able to help, just saying stuff does not work is not enough.

Oh sorry. My buttons don’t match up. When I play games like street fighter the punch and kick placements are all out of place. 3 bottom should be all kick range from light to hard kick and the top should be all punch light to hard punch. Not the case.

So the controller works, its just not the way you like them… seems like you only need to remap them.

I don’t want to remap 1000’s of games I was hoping there was an easier way or why it changed from version 4.3 so I could go in and fix it.

You do not need to remap 1000s of games… not sure what you mean, just remap your controller in Emulationstation

There are literally thousands of changes from 4.3 to 4.6, since this is not a wide issue (at least not that I know of) this seems to be something on your end, either in your controller or how its mapped.