Hotkey stop working updating controller mapping in retroarch

Hi! Is there any solution to recover hotkey function to exit from games? I ´ve updated controller mapping from Retroarch in 4.2 vers. and receive problems with controllers. After remap al buttoms, hotkey stop working and lost this function. Other combinations do not work either: Volume, save state, change record slot, etc.

I read some similar issues from other users, and say something about “Update Controller mapping” in retroarch is malfuntioning or something wrong. During several days i´ve been setting up all games, erasing duplicate roms, renaming clone roms, changing buttom configuration game by game, etc…

I hope to receive some solution, before to reflash my 128gb micro sd. Arrrrgggg!!!

Thx and regards friends!!!

Why would you update controller mappings in Retroarch? you are eliminating the hotkeys when doing that. Reconfigure your controller in ES and the mapping for the hotkeys should be restored. If you manually do something in Retroarch, expect to manually have to fix the issue.

Thx. for your faster response. Sorry! I thought that with that option the buttons of the emulators were updated. I remap controllers in ES without changes. It seems that repaming is not receive in Retroarch config files. Any ideas?


If you downloaded the gamepad mappings from retroarch you need to delete them from /tmp/joypads then remap in ES

Thanks a lot friend!!! :wink:

Then i deleting “ShanWan Twin USB Joystick” .cfg and .bak files, right? i found it in two folders /Joypads and /Storage/Joypads, both have diferent contents.


Hi! i´ve delete all found files mentioning Shanwan Twin USB Joystick or Shanwan similar files, without changes. Sure there is other config file that contain the HotKey bad configuration, but i can´t found it.

Any ideas?


Are you using the home button as the hotkey? I’ve noticed that it’s usually code 9 or 16 depending on the PS3 controller vendor.

you need to delete all of them, the reboot and configure your gamepad in ES.

These Shanwan Twin USB wireless Controllers have the hotkey code 12,. I´ve tested with a Xbox360 controller with wireless adapter and code is 8, but receive the same problem. Seems to affect to all controllers and not only Shanwan and Xbox360. I´ve deleted all Shanwan controller files, still same problem. It is interesting to solve this problem, other users may have it.


After deleting these files and reboot, ES recognize directly the Shanwan gamepads, when i conect the xbox360 controller ES tell me to configure new gamepad, after configure mapping hotkey not working, after that i enter to retroarch and change hotkey code (12 for Shanwan) for new hotkey Xbox360 code number 8. Still don´t work.

Please don’t spread misinformation, it does not affect all controllers, it does not even affect yours, but you manually updated the files, and now those files are the ones that are getting loaded instead of the ones that are generated by ES.

My only suggestion to you is to reset scripts and binaries to default in the danger zone in EmuELEC settings, if that does not work, then I am afraid you need to back up your game settings and re-flash.

Sorry!!! I rectify. Only this problem afected to my bad mistake in update it. Not my intention to confuse users. It can be understood what happened when using the option to update the mapping.

Sorry and Thx!!!

I was curious to be able to solve it, seeing that others could use that option without knowing the consequences.

Thx friend!!! :wink: