Suggestion - Retroarch - Change default QuickMenu button assignment

In EmuELEC 4.6 Test:
The input menu toggle gamepad combo to get to the quick menu is 2 which the actual value is L3+R3.
Not many controllers even have L3+R3 buttons and it’s very hard to guess.
I suggest using SELECT+START to get to the retroarch quickmenu so users can guess it more easy. HOME+START twice should exit or SELECT+START twice if no home button assigned should exit normally.

Specifically in EmuELEC/packages/sx05re/libretro/retroarch/ change:

  sed -i -e "s/# input_menu_toggle_gamepad_combo = 0/input_menu_toggle_gamepad_combo = 2/" $INSTALL/etc/retroarch.cfg

too, SELECT+START default which is 4:

  sed -i -e "s/# input_menu_toggle_gamepad_combo = 0/input_menu_toggle_gamepad_combo = 4/" $INSTALL/etc/retroarch.cfg
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This is a good proposal, which is good for the SFC FC handle.

I don’t understand why this is considered an issue? There is already another way to enter Retroarch menu HOTKEY+X(or Y depends on your configuration)

How about controllers that use SELECT as hotkey? how do they quit directly?

There is no hotkey+X it changed to L3+R3. I’m not sure if the retroarch value changed or it’s the config. Most arcade controls dont even have L3+R3.
As for using select as a hotkey, if they do retroarch will force quit, unless they change it. L3+R3 is a stupid default and completely un-obvious combination to use.

edit: Oh I see what your saying shanti, my apologies. My config did not have a hotkey setup as I’m testing a new version to work with an arcade controller and I deliberately skipped the hotkey assignment. Can you assign select and have assigned as a hotkey as well? let me test.

edit: Its hotkey and north button, sorry my bad as the hotkey wasnt assigned as I didnt know u could dupe the value in ES assignments for hotkey.
Maybe we can make it hold select 2 seconds which is value: 8

input_menu_toggle_gamepad_combo = "8"

If not that’s ok, I can just change it for my personal use.

Hello, where is the info about what means every combo number¡